Because I am a girl

Last Last year, Plan Denmark and Munthe plus Simonsen together on a project for Plan named ‘Because I am a girl’. In this context designed Naja a jacket to be sold in stores in Denmark.

The jackets have been torn away, and therefore we have recently donated all profits to children and women in the village Shishvi in ??North India. Over 200,000 goes to safe drinking band, latrines and bathing to villagers.

We think the project is a good example of how to combine fashion and responsible charity. Naja trip to India and met with women in Shishvi, and taught them include in new sewing techniques. During the work of the jackets have Naja also ensured a good wage for women, as well as pension and health insurance.

If you want to see the video from his stay in India, you can see it here: .

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